ISSA-LA October Virtual Meeting

Join us as we welcome an old friend, Ira Winkler  President of Secure Mentem, as he discusses key concepts from his new book, "You CAN Stop Stupid: Stopping Losses from Accidental and Malicious Actions." Register here: Managers, security specialists, IT staff, and other professionals often complain that employees, customers, and users are stupid. But what […]

ISSA-LA Jan 8 Mtg: Dissecting Real World Cloud Attacks

We'll navigate through uncharted security territory by analyzing the attack lifecycle in the cloud and dissecting a real-world attack. The same technology that makes the cloud dynamic can have the opposite effect on an organization’s ability to implement detection and response in cloud environments. This includes the adding additional layer of preventative controls in addition […]

ISSA-LA January 13 Law Enforcement Panel

Come join us as we have a great panel of law enforcement personnel, from agencies such as the FBI and US Secret Service, as they discuss the latest cyber attacks and the trends that are being observed. In light of the recent major breaches, this panel discussion is incredibly important for you to attend. We […]