ISSA-LA January 13 Law Enforcement Panel

Come join us as we have a great panel of law enforcement personnel, from agencies such as the FBI and US Secret Service, as they discuss the latest cyber attacks and the trends that are being observed. In light of the recent major breaches, this panel discussion is incredibly important for you to attend. We […]

ISSA-LA January 28 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021 (Happy Hour)

As we learned in 2020, vendors predict, and the universe laughs. But this year ISSA Los Angeles will bring together experts from Netskope, Proofpoint, Crowdstrike and Okta to get their view of the year to come. These experts will share how they see 2021 shaping up for networking and security, in the form of some […]

ISSA-LA February 17, 2021 Virtual Chapter Meeting

Physical Schmizical – Why InfoSec Needs To Get On It Abstract: Contemporary physical security practices were largely developed by former law enforcement professionals that viewed their work as “guards, guns, and gates”. Technology was viewed as an apparatus that limited access to protect the value of “physical” assets (equipment) and responding to critical events concerning […]

ISSA-LA March 2021 Meeting: Josh Corman Presents

Advice I wish I had gotten... (and some I'm glad I did) Reflections on the attitudes and ethics of how we serve our profession, our industry, and increasingly... public safety and public good. The content will be candid, raw, and forthright. There are changes we need to make as a discipline. It's time. Speaker: Joshua Corman Joshua Corman is […]

ISSA-LA April 2021 Virtual Chapter Meeting

Breaches are Everywhere. What's a Good Security Leader to Do?  - Richard Greenberg, Advisor | CISO | CEO | Public Speaker | ISSA Distinguished Fellow and Honor Roll RSVP: Breaches are on the news seemingly weekly, as organizations are struggling to secure their data. In this talk, Richard will share strategies to combat the […]

ISSA-LA May 2021 Meeting: The Future of Security Cloud Native and Cyber Canon

We have two talks in May:  The Future of Security Cloud Native and Resilience in Cybersecurity Careers - Finding the Best Books. RSVP: The Future of Security Cloud Native Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, holds deep-rooted expertise in information security. She began her security career about 15 years ago, leading security teams […]

ISSA-LA June 2021 Mtg: Key API Governance Considerations for Digitization and Monetization

RSVP:   Key API Governance Considerations for Digitization and Monetization APIs have become basic building blocks for enterprises to offer various digital services. APIs not only allow enterprises to modernize their digital assets to create value chains, but they also offer various strategies to monetize their digital assets.  The focus of this session is […]

ISSA-LA July 2021 Know your Data Risks: Pragmatic Approaches to Automate Data Discovery & Classification via NextGen AI

80% of data collected today is Unstructured. Manual rule-based software platforms are expensive, error prone and require heavy maintenance. This event will provide Pragmatic Approaches to Data Discovery & Classification to reduce Data Risks.  How Deep Learning can provide automations to streamline your Data Privacy & Security Operations, allowing you to focus on your core business […]

ISSA-LA November 17 Virtual Meeting – Maritime Cybersecurity Panel

Maritime Security is often overlooked, as we take for granted all of the behind the scenes happenings that provide us all with food, medicines, our electronics and more. And what about all those oil tankers out there carrying tons of flammable liquids? What would happen if a major cyber attack hit our ports or the […]